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Cloudflare App for Sumo Logic

Analyze events and trends from websites and applications on Cloudflare

Get end-to-end visibility with Cloudflare and Sumo Logic

See how Cloudflare speeds up your websites and saves you bandwidth, rank your fastest and slowest loading pages, and get alerted of attacks so you can take action. Use insights to tune Cloudflare and provide the best experience to your end-users.

Monitor And Visualize

Pre-built Cloudflare dashboards

Use pre-built and customizable Cloudflare dashboards for advanced analytics

Retain And Visualize Logs

End-to-end visibility

Combine Cloudflare logs with other data, such as your origin servers logs, for better end-to-end visibility

Alert And Notify

Monitoring and alerting features

Get notified on specified events by using monitoring and alerting features from Sumo Logic

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