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Transform Manufacturing Operations with Continuous Intelligence

Real-time, actionable insights to improve operational efficiencies and improve security posture across the value chain.

Monitor the entire manufacturing value chain

Facilitate problem solving and collaboration

Reduce downtime and solve value-chain impacting issues faster with an integrated manufacturing observability platform for all of your modern IIoT application data including logs, metrics, and traces across the entire development lifecycle. Sumo Logic enables manufacturing teams to operate with contextual insights from a single source of truth—their modern applications—to speed decision making.

Monitor the entire manufacturing value chain

Deliver real-time insights and address massive growth

“Our journey with Sumo Logic has been really transformational and an important part of our growth because in IoT, we’re growing from thousands of users, to millions of users to hundreds of millions users. We started using Sumo Logic for development operations but we’ve really moved to pervasive adoption with 95% of our users actively using the dashboards to extract value and leverage data across different functions within the organization.”

Samsung SmartThings

Robert Parker


Security innovation in the industrial software stack

Focus on product quality, design and delivery

Sumo Logic continuously monitors the reliability of code repositories, automation framework, and other parts of the pipeline to help engineering focus on product innovation instead of managing infrastructure. This results in greater quality improvements and better management of IIoT platforms and services.

Security innovation in the industrial software stack

System scalability without overspending

Flexible licensing for all of your manufacturing data

Extract real-time insights and business value from the growing volumes of machine data generated across manufacturing systems, applications and infrastructure. Sumo Logic's unique credits-based tiered licensing model hands complete control to you and never penalizes usage or architecture choices. The Infrequent Data Tier removes the Data Tax and allows customers to ingest data without worrying about excessive analytics costs.

System scalability without overspending
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Modern manufacturing requires modern analytics

Sumo Logic is a scalable and secure platform that processes and analyzes petabytes of data, runs over 30 million searches and scans over 500 trillion records daily.