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Sumo Logic vs. New Relic

Which platform supports unlimited access for all users across all use cases?

See why businesses seeking a cost-effective cloud-native observability and security solution choose Sumo Logic to keep their modern applications reliable and secure.

Trusted by innovative startups and global giants.

Start your free trial today

No credit card required. Up and running in minutes.


Sumo Logic vs. New Relic

Which platform supports unlimited access for all users across all use cases?

See why businesses seeking a cost-effective cloud-native observability and security solution choose Sumo Logic to keep their modern applications reliable and secure.

Trusted by innovative startups and global giants.

Why is Sumo Logic a better alternative than New Relic?

The more complex application architectures get, the more teams need to work together to deliver reliable and secure apps. Give all your users easy access to unified security and observability. Monitor, troubleshoot and secure your apps and infrastructure from a single SaaS analytics platform.

Don't let expensive per-seat licensing hold your real-time insights hostage!

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Unified observability and security solution
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Sumo Logic offers scalable log analytics, observability, SIEM and SOAR from one platform, helping DevSecOps and SRE teams get real-time insights to uncover and troubleshoot issues quickly.

New Relic’s strength is application performance monitoring (APM); they lack integrations with security vendors and don’t support security use cases.

Full-stack observability powered by logs
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Sumo Logic and New Relic both address performance metrics, events and distributed transaction tracing. But no company matches Sumo Logic's ability to manage and analyze logs at scale.

Unlike New Relic, Sumo Logic centralizes log collection and applies machine learning to identify issues quickly, using analytics schema to address unparsed logs.

Advanced troubleshooting across all telemetry
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Powerful and flexible Sumo Logic Search Query Language allows searches across structured and unstructured data from metrics and traces to logs to deliver a better customer experience.

New Relic requires all log data to be pre-parsed to derive intelligence, with limited out-of-the-box connectors – and no pre-built dashboards for visualization.

Resilient & fault-tolerant with global scale
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Sumo Logic’s cloud-native, multi-tenant, microservices architecture ensures its platform is resilient and fault-tolerant, with data residency in North America (United States and Canada), Europe (Ireland and Germany) and Asia (Australia, India and Japan).

New Relic only recently moved to the cloud, challenging its resiliency and uptime. Its data residency is limited to North America (United States) and Europe (Germany).

Flexible licensing
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Sumo Logic allows users to manage data economically at any scale, giving users complete control to determine how much and what data to analyze, what type of access to data is needed, and for how long.

New Relic has a data ingest plus an expensive per-seat licensing model. Moreover, moving from their Standard Plan (limited to five full platform users) to a Pro or Enterprise Plan will significantly increase licensing costs.

Unlimited users
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Sumo Logic offers unlimited user licenses meaning organizations don’t have to restrict access to their analytics platform.

New Relic’s per-user licensing is a disincentive for widespread adoption and restricts access, limits visibility and impedes collaboration.

Security use cases
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Sumo Logic supports foundational security analytics, multiple sophisticated security use cases, and APM and observability use cases.

New Relic focuses on APM and observability and does not have security offerings.

Security analytics + SIEM + SOAR

Comprehensive certifications and attestations
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Sumo Logic’s compliance-ready solution comes standard with key attestations and security features, such as encryption-at-rest at no additional cost.

With the New Relic platform compliance varies greatly by service and comes at an additional cost. It does not support PCI.

SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS 3.2, Privacy Shield, CSA Star & HIPAA certifications, FedRAMP-Moderate Authorized

Not PCI compliant.

FedRAMP & HIPAA require a “Data Plus” plan and cannot be used across all features.

Ingest all your telemetry into one place

"We’ve just started a DevSecOps journey. The first part of that was to centralize our DevOps capability and then add security to that. Sumo, I definitely see as one of the enablers to that. Everybody working from the same set of information, from the same interface in a like-minded way.

Sean Harley, EVP & CIO, Ascential

Ingest all your telemetry into one place

A single source of truth for data analytics is the single biggest reason to switch to Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic’s full-stack observability provides

  • Adaptive analytics
    Analytics on all structured and unstructured application data including transaction traces, logs and metrics. Log analysis powers AWS and Kubernetes monitoring.
  • Powerful query language and user-friendly UX
    Explore all data and find unknown unknowns using pattern detection functionality with AI/ML to quickly address security and performance issues.
  • Open-source collection
    Works with OpenTelemetry, Telegraf, and other open-source tools.
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Sumo Logic’s licensing model provides:

  • Price transparency
    Eliminates license waste and on-demand overage bills.
  • Simplicity
    Credit-based licensing model — no need to license by user.
  • Flexible data tiering
    Cost-effectively index all your data without sacrificing performance on our secure and compliant platform.

Listed in both the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability and Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM, Sumo Logic supports the entire spectrum of use cases, including advanced security use cases:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
    Out-of-the-box apps and integrations for security and compliance content, for both cloud and on-premise data sources.
  • Cloud SIEM
    Automatically triage alerts and correlate threats across your entire environment.
  • Cloud SOAR
    Take your security to the next level with security orchestration, automation and response.
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Why would someone with New Relic switch to Sumo Logic?

For organizations that want a single source of truth, Sumo Logic can reduce your investment in analytics tools and provide visibility across your entire stack. Sumo Logic is a cloud-native platform powered by logs for multiple use cases, including APM and observability and security applications that span security analytics, SIEM and SOAR. Our flexible licensing model helps customers like The Pokemon Company, SAP and Alaska Airlines ingest massive amounts of machine data to quickly derive insights cost-effectively — without limiting users or use cases.

New Relic is an APM-focused solution that cannot support unstructured data (all its data must be pre-parsed, limiting visibility); it only recently moved to the cloud causing ongoing uptime challenges; and does not support security use cases. Expensive user-based licensing limits widespread monitoring and use, impeding the collaboration required to build, run, secure and manage modern applications.

What services does Sumo Logic offer to deliver a smooth tool and data migration from other platforms?

While getting started with Sumo Logic is easy, migration requires careful planning. If you are considering a New Relic alternative, assess what data sources and content you need to migrate to meet the needs of your current processes and use cases. Sumo Logic offers migration through our Professional Services to help you plan, design, implement and enable your team during and after the transition to our analytics platform. Users can access all public in-person and video training levels from beginner to advanced to get the most out of the tool. Sumo Logic includes training and certifications with all its customer accounts.

To learn about a customer who underwent a large-scale data migration and tool consolidation to Sumo Logic, check out this case study on Acquia.

How can Sumo Logic help me manage data ingest costs?

Sumo Logic's innovative approach to managing data helps customers save money while still ingesting large amounts of data. While all data is valuable, not all data is equal. Some use cases require "high touch" data to monitor and analyze application performance continuously or frequently. Other use cases require less systematic data analysis, like mining your infrastructure for insights or providing periodic reports.

Sumo Logic's Data Tiers provide a comprehensive solution for all types of data that an organization has — low touch, high touch and everything in between, at an economical price.

Customers of all sizes save money on data ingest using Sumo Logic Data Tiers. Learn how Infor saved one million dollars in one year by applying Sumo Logic Data Tiering across its observability and security practices.

Will Sumo Logic scale as my business grows?

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, multi-tenant platform designed to scale as your data and business grow. Built on a foundation of log management and log analytics, it supports broad use cases, including real user monitoring, application monitoring, security analytics and audit and compliance. Growing teams use it to address application performance issues, security breaches and major incidents. Enterprise-grade features like unlimited users, multi-org help and role-based access control (RBAC) support your business as it matures.

Our multi-cloud solutions, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, improve cloud infrastructure reliability and simplify and automate data collection. Global presence and data residency help businesses meet data compliance and certification requirements wherever they are located.

Learn how we helped Ulta Beauty grow from a $200M business to a $2B e-commerce powerhouse.

How easy is it to get started with Sumo Logic?

It’s super easy to signup and get started. Register with your email for a free Sumo Logic account, including Enterprise access for the first thirty days. Start sending data to Sumo Logic and be up and running in minutes.

Or, use our contact us form to speak with someone about migrating your data to Sumo Logic.

One platform. Flexible pricing. Any scale.

Licensing designed for unlimited choice, flexibility, and value.