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The Sumo Logic Story

Digital experiences: the era of reliable and secure cloud-native apps

We’ve all come to rely on digital experiences personally, socially and professionally. It’s now paramount that they are reliable and secure to be performant, trusted and engaging.

Sumo Logic is empowering the people who power modern, digital business with a SaaS analytics platform for reliable and secure cloud-native apps to:

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Cloud adoption and application modernization are driving forces behind the growth of digital experiences powered by cloud-native applications

Cloud-native apps drive digital experiences

The growth of cloud-native applications to drive new experiences means more companies relying on cloud-mobile infrastructures; faster, agile decision-making via DevOps and DevSecOps collaboration; and SaaS digital services to increase functional revenue and productivity.

Cloud-native apps drive digital experiences

Cloud-native apps consist of many digital, microservices

Cloud-native applications comprise hundreds, or thousands of microservices—each with their own high velocity lifecycle that has to be managed and secured at each stage continuously.

Cloud-native apps consist of many digital, microservices

The growth of digital microservices is increasing complexity in many ways

As microservice volume grows, so does complexity. The complexity issues below put digital experience reliability and security at risk, increasing the need for a single, SaaS analytics platform to provide visibility and insights across multiple use cases for faster troubleshooting and security threat detection.

Expanding Tech Stack V2

Expanding tech stack

Modern technologies, such as multi-cloud infrastructures, containers and orchestration, and serverless computing are growing your tech stack, making it more complicated to manage.

Complicating Visibility V2

Complicating visibility

Your modern application infrastructures are dynamic, ephemeral, autonomous, making visiblity into them challenging at best.

Data Deluge V2

Driving the data deluge

Cloud-native applications generate data at every system-to-system and human-to-system touchpoint, making your data growth a primary concern to capture, store, secure and derive business value.

Rapid Change V2

Continuous rapid change

The state of your modern application is constantly changing as you deploy new microservices rapidly to address reliability and security issues, and drive feature velocity to improve user experience.

Attack Surface V2

Broadening attack surface

As your digital footprint expands so does your supply chain, which, broadens the surface and sophistication of attacks, making data and service security even more challenging and complex.

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