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Application Modernization

Accelerate innovation while ensuring application reliability

Deploy features fast and easily navigate the complexities of modern application stacks.

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Is application reliability keeping you up at night?

New modern application stack technology and continuous deployments make it more challenging to measure digital business success


Innovation acceleration

Organizations must increase their rate of innovation to stay competitive in the market. The added pressure stretches resources thin and companies struggle to keep up.


Critical outages

Business-critical application outages impact revenue and brand reputation. Slow resolution times compound issues affecting key performance metrics throughout the business.

No visibility

Lack of visibility into application reliability and performance and business results

It’s difficult to justify additional resources without the clear insights and ROI from application modernization.

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Complex ephemeral environments using Open Source

Managing application reliability and incidents without the right tools consume more developer time that slow down the project.

Your application modernization starts here

Increased visibility across your entire modern application stack to enable you to succeed in a digital environment

App and integration performance

Unified application observability for faster innovation

Single source of truth provides faster troubleshooting so you can prioritize more resources to accelerate feature releases and decrease outages.

Unified Platform

Faster MTTR with unified telemetry

Using a unified platform to ingest, analyse and correlate all application and infrastructure telemetry allows DevOps teams to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve application incidents.

Saa S

Comprehensive visibility across the cloud

Cloud centric views across multi-cloud deployments surface underperforming infrastructure and services across accounts, regions and application teams.


Measure the business impact of your modernization efforts

Track the performance of new capabilities and get real time insights on business KPIs associated with them.

Sumo Logic enables operations teams to modernize applications

Application Observability

Reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues faster with an integrated observability platform for all of your application data including logs, metrics, and traces across the entire development lifecycle.

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Kubernetes Monitoring

Get insights into end-to-end performance of your business critical transactions with full-stack visibility into all service dependencies.

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Sumo Logic application observability capabilities

Sumo Logic empowers operations teams to modernize applications to manage the reliability and deliver new differentiated capabilities faster

Custom dynamic dashboards with auto-discovery

Modern, cross-functional site reliability and platform teams can’t afford to miss anything when solving a problem. Sumo Logic provides native integrations with best practice data sources for Kubernetes—Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, FluentD, Fluentbit, and Falco. With the easy to setup collection deployed using Helm, you get instant visibility to Performance Metrics, Logs, Traces, Kubernetes System Events, as well as Kubernetes Security Events. Our solution works for any Kubernetes setup, anywhere—on premise, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Custom dynamic dashboards with auto-discovery

Application service map & dashboards

Sumo Logic visualizes all service dependencies to get insights into end to end execution of your business critical transactions with open standard compatible distributed tracing data. Application and service dashboards break down latency, load and errors to identify services contributing to application slowdowns.

Application service map & dashboards

Advanced alert analytics

Sumo Logic helps observers and on-call teams reduce MTTR by simplifying the work required to validate issues, identify suspects, and quickly remediate. Leveraging powerful AI/ML, advanced analytics are applied across a unified repository of telemetry data to surface noteworthy insights that guide on-call teams to the root cause.

Advanced alert analytics
Cloud-native architecture

Cloud-native architecture

Sumo Logic makes it fast and easy to manage an organization’s digital transformation projects—from cloud migration and integration innovation to infrastructure redesign and anything in between.

Entity-driven workflows

Entity-driven workflows

Sumo Logic’s new entity driven workflows and embedded entity model, you have the ability to follow that spike to the source application or infrastructure component and get an inline peek at the health of that entity and related infrastructure the entity sits on.

Modernize your applications

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