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Managed service provider challenges

The sheer complexity of today’s digital landscape poses new challenges for service providers. Large, heterogeneous technology stacks of often poorly integrated tools and broadened attack surfaces make monitoring system reliability and security difficult. Add to this the need to quickly onboard new customers and show value. We understand how difficult it is to run an efficient service provider business.

Managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) trust Sumo Logic to deliver differentiated services that keep applications reliable and secure and end-users happy.

See Sumo Logic Field CTO, Steven Dietz, discuss how to leverage Lambda logs by operational and security teams against new serverless threats.

Managed service provider challenges

Why is Sumo Logic the best partner for any
managed service provider?

What we provide

  • Effortless integrations
  • Increased visibility across your entire application stack
  • Ensured application reliability for your customers
  • Enhanced threat detection
  • Deep and quick threat and issue investigation
  • Automated alert triage and incident response
  • Insightful and data-driven decisions
  • Customizable dashboards to fit your client-specific use cases

Additional Sumo Logic advantages

  • One solution for observability and security use cases
  • Quick employee and customer onboarding
  • Time-saving automation and analytics
  • World-class support to help you deliver efficient, reliable and secure services
  • Flexible, cost-efficient pricing
  • Easy-to-add new services with one platform for multiple use cases
  • World-class support for you and your clients
  • Rapid troubleshooting to remediate issues before impacting them
  • Fast time to value for your clients

Manage multiple Sumo Logic accounts with Sumo Logic Organizations

Simplify multiple deployments with our multi-account management solution to monitor and manage operational and security intelligence at scale.

Sumo Logic Organizations (Sumo Orgs) allows you to seamlessly navigate between organizations and achieve increased visibility into parent-level, child-level and overall consumption patterns.

Additionally, you can monitor and troubleshoot on behalf of your customers. Evaluate relevant dashboards, queries and alerts for a wide array of use cases — from deciphering unexpected exfiltration of firewall data to assessing unexpected breaks in an e-commerce payment pipeline.

Manage multiple Sumo Logic accounts with Sumo Logic Organizations



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