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Accelerate and secure your SDLC with DevSecOps

In the past security was often pushed to the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

As hacks have become more prevalent, more costly, and more difficult to detect, security has become of top-line importance to teams.

Driving the adoption of DevSecOps is the need for teams to maintain innovation at speed and establish a competitive differentiation that maintains and accelerates market share.

In this ebook, Sumo Logic Security and Observability Field CTOs take a practical look at the tactical steps you can take at each phase of the SDLC to transform your team into an elite DevSecOps performer.

  • Phase 1: Planning and exploration
  • Phase 2: Coding
  • Phase 3: Building
  • Phase 4: Testing
  • Phase 5: Deploy and runtime

When your team has to go from requirements to production in a day — and do it safely and securely — DevSecOps is the path that gets you there.

Download the ebook to start taking a more unified approach to securing and innovating your software releases.