Results at a glance

Unlocked 100 percent visibility immediately following deployment

Reduced tool sprawl with a unified platform for observability, security, and compliance

Enabled rapid security insights with out-of-the-box security content

Experienced fast return on investment with an easy ramp-up and learning curve


DevOps and security teams needed to unify telemetry to maximize their efficiency and visibility.

Through years of rapid growth, SoSafe’s infrastructure for its IT environment and SaaS product had grown significantly and included a mix of cloud and on-premises systems that were all producing high volumes of telemetry data for a range of users and needs.

The DevOps and site reliability engineers (SRE) teams were generating content to monitor the SaaS platform and infrastructure to understand how things were performing while the security operations center (SOC) team was using a range of tools to monitor the security and integrity of the company’s complex environment—all of which was producing content that had to be separately tracked and analyzed.

Collectively, monitoring the company’s growing data volumes across a sprawl of individual tools was time-consuming and difficult for the DevOps and security teams to work efficiently and obtain the desired insights.


Pursuing a strategy to simplify and unify telemetry monitoring and analysis for its security, compliance, and observability needs, SoSafe conducted an in-depth evaluation of multiple solutions and selected Sumo Logic as its platform of choice.

“Sumo Logic was the winning choice because it met our requirement for a cloud-native platform that could unify and support our observability, intelligence, and security needs,” said Daniela Ramirez Villarroel, SOC Lead at SoSafe. “Also, another big differentiator was the platform’s extensive SIEM capabilities to support our security and GDPR compliance requirements.”

Headshot Quote So Safe

Sumo Logic was the winning choice because it met our requirement for a cloud-native platform that could unify and support our observability, intelligence, and security needs.”

Daniela Ramirez Villarroel

SOC Team Lead


Gained greater efficiency with a single, unified solution

With Sumo Logic, SoSafe is equipped with efficient data intake and analysis capabilities that provide the company with meaningful insights to continue to drive its phenomenal business growth. The platform provides a single solution that supports all of SoSafe’s many tools and use cases—from optimizing software security and delivery to monitoring the security of the environment and ensuring adherence to GDPR requirements.

“Immediately after our purchase, we were able to send data to Sumo Logic and increase our visibility to 100 percent,” said Ramirez. With some of the initial dashboards, SoSafe experts gained visibility into:

  • Traffic analytics on visits to the company’s website

  • SaaS platform responsiveness and alerts on any errors that require attention

  • Mission-critical security dashboards to identify and respond to issues as they arise

Gained greater efficiency with a single, unified solution

User-friendly tool that delivers fast ROI

From the start, SoSafe wanted to onboard users from various departments with access to Sumo Logic. The platform’s simplified management made it easy and efficient for the company’s IT, security, and DevOps users to ramp up and begin experiencing value from Sumo Logic’s telemetry analysis.

“Sumo Logic is very user-friendly. There’s a lot of good documentation and great online and professional support, so we didn’t need to have very senior analysts to get the best out of Sumo Logic,” said Ramirez adding that “this made it a very easy learning curve that delivered a fast return on investment.”

Unified security operations with a single platform

With Sumo Logic ingesting data from SoSafe’s various tools, the security analysts gained a central SOC management solution, which also alleviated the need for them to be experts and pivot across individual security solutions. The SOC team now has go-to dashboards to efficiently monitor the attack surface across the company’s infrastructure and gain insights on the state of SoSafe’s security posture.

“Sumo Logic’s out-of-the-box content gave us a great head start and made it very easy for our security analysts to quickly begin finding interesting things. With all the security insights in one place now, we’ve improved our security incident response times,” said Ramirez.

Supporting SoSafe’s continued growth

As SoSafe looks at what’s next and how Sumo Logic will support the company’s next-level growth, there are several strategic projects on the horizon:

  • Migration to a new cloud provider

    Supported by Sumo Logic’s integration, out-of-the-box content, and dashboards, the security team is prepared for a smooth transition with no security monitoring downtime.

  • Purple team exercises

    Leveraging the platform, the security team will adopt a framework to regularly perform offensive and defensive cybersecurity testing (offensive red team and defensive blue team create collaborative purple team) to improve the company’s security monitoring efforts and overall security posture.

  • Expanded users and use cases

    To support efforts in attracting new customers and providing current customers with a high-quality service, the adoption of the Sumo Logic platform will expand to include users from marketing, sales, and customer service.